Member Resources

Licensing - Using Sircon® you can meet your licensing and renewal needs both quickly and easily on the web. Using OID's web interface, you are able to electronically apply for resident and non-resident licenses, request license renewals, check your own licensing status with a state insurance department, change your name or address, and more.

NAHU Member Resources - Your membership with TAHU/NAHU has benefits of its own.  Discounted services for Wellness, sales or life coaching, vitamin supplements or EAP services.  In addition there are service discounts for the vendors you use everyday, such as shipping, errors & omissions insurance, credit cards, rental cars, or teleconference services.  Your membership is well appointed.

Operation Shout - Though our national association, a program has been developed to allow you to interact by email with your local, state or federal legislators.  Operation Shout gives you all the necessary information to communicate with your legislators.  It will look up your legislators by your home zip code, and gives you sample letters to use for many issues.  You can create your own letter as well.  One click of the mouse and you have access to get your thoughts and opinions on current legislative issues to those in office.

Operation Shout is also set up to notify NAHU/TAHU members when there is a legislative bill up for voting that requires attention.  You will received email notification with instructions on how to use Operation Shout. 

Be informed, share your thoughts and take advantage of this simple-to-use tool!