Consumer Resources

Below are some links we believe will help you make an educated decision on the selection of your health insurance:

Is your Agent a NAHU Member?  There are many licensed agents that could help you. However, we strongly encourage you to select an agent that is a NAHU member.  You ask why?  NAHU's offices are located in Arlington, VA which is practically walking distance of Washington, DC.  They are on the frontlines of keeping health insurance in the free-market arena as well as bringing solutions to our legislature that would reduce the cost of health care.  Insurance is expensive because health care is expensive.  NAHU members are cutting edge, dedicated insurance professionals.  

Oklahoma Insurance Department  The state of Oklahoma's insurance department is a resource for certain issues wherein you need additional guideance or help.  Often your agent can get matters resolved but sometimes it takes the help of our local government officials to get complicated matters resolved.

Oklahoma Health Care Authority  The Oklahoma Health Care Authority is the primary entity in the state of Oklahoma charged with controlling costs of state-purchased health care. The agency must balance this fiscal responsibility with two, equally important goals:

  1. Assuring that state-purchased health care meets acceptable standards of care;
  2. Ensuring that citizens of Oklahoma who rely on state-purchased health care are served in a progressive and positive system.

Insure Oklahoma  this is a financial assistance program that accompanies qualified health plans from most of the major insurance companies and is for adults only.

Consumer Guides  The following link offers a variety of guides that will help you become informed and know your options.  Consumer Guides 

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