1332 Waiver Task Force

August 30, 2016

>>>1332 Waiver Task Force Overview<<<

>>>1332 June Task Force Meeting Presentation<<<


The 1332 Waiver Task Force recently met on June 29th, 2017 at the State Capitol where a presentation was given on the status of the 1332 Waiver Application. Reinsurance program legislation HB2406 was recently introduced in the House on 5/8, passed the Senate on 5/26 and signed into law by the Governor on 6/6. OID to begin operational planning for administration of the reinsurance program. 1332 Waiver application to be submitted in August in hopes approval will be expedited in time to allow for a Jan 1st, 2018 implementation. Funding for the reinsurance program would be provided through matching Federal funds and a state assessment of commercial and self-funded health plans estimated to be just under $5 PMPM.   It is hoped by introducing a reinsurance program the market would be stabilized, premiums for consumers on and off the exchange would be reduced in 2018 and certainly in 2019 possibly by as much as 25%-35% and, enrollment could increase by as much as 15,000. Other possible scenarios were discussed such as 5:1 Age Band rating model, Age/Income subsidy calculation, 0%-300% FPL subsidy eligibility, and a Two Plan Standard. For more details, see attached 1332 Presentation.


Roger Flippo
2016-17 Past President - OSAHU