1332 Waiver Task Force

August 30, 2016

>>>1332 Waiver Task Force Overview<<<

Oklahoma Senate Bill1386, enacted during the 2016 legislative session, has been created to explore potential methods to reduce the financial burden for Oklahoma residents and employers seeking affordable, quality healthcare coverage. As a result of this legislation, a task force comprised of numerous Oklahoma stakeholders will investigate and analyze the options for Oklahoma pursuing a 1332 "State Innovation" Waiver. The 1332 State Innovation Waiver was included in the Affordable Care Act to allow states to waive certain provisions of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) and develop innovative, state-based solutions to address its healthcare coverage needs.

The 1332 Waiver task force will explore what Oklahoma needs to ensure affordable and robust healthcare coverage for its residents and, with public input, decide how best to address our state’s needs and whether to develop a 1332 Waiver. The goal is to create an alternative pathway for affordable, high quality healthcare coverage in Oklahoma’s commercial insurance market that meets the needs of Oklahomans.

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